Retrofit chemical to fresh water flushing restroom kit.

Today’s portable chemical restrooms are not able do what THE VIP BEST 1 can do.

VIP Best 1 Portable Restroom Diagram

Protected by U.S. Pat. No. 9340963 and Patent Pending

THE VIP BEST 1 features the following:

  1. A solar panel unit that will recharge the battery to power the 12-volt water pump that provides flushing abilities 24/7 to the RV porcelain bowl. No matter where you are on this earth, you can adjust the tilt of the panel to capture the sun.
  2. An odor exhaust fan to remove odors.
  3. The water and waste tanks hold about 43 gallons of water and 68 gallons of waste. Note: Frequency of pumping will depend on volume, etc.
  4. We use non-potable water so as not to waste drinking water.
  5. An RV bowl that requires only 16 ounces per flush or half full, to carry the solids through the neck of the bowl.
  6. Chemical deodorizers are not needed to control odors.
  7. A pressure plate switch below the polyethylene floor mat, allowing the lights and fan to turn on and off upon entry and exit.
  8. An electric 12-volt water pump creates a washdown feature so anyone having a fecal accident can clean the unit without the help of others. You can clean the interior first, then refill the water tank. There’s no need to move the pump truck or drag a hose around or between the units.
  9. The water fill, battery box and waste tank openings are all in the rear of the unit, so attendees can still use it while it’s being cleaned. Without having to get equipment in and out of doors, you can clean it faster than a chemical portable restroom.
  10. The Sure SealTM odorless waste tank design is like a P-trap in your home. No chemical deodorizers are needed, so profits are saved. The unit vent pipe above to the rear will exhaust the fecal odor gases.
  11. The invention of plastic produced three great products in the early 1970s, the models of Poly-Portables, PolyJohn and Tufway. Other portable restroom products have since come to market, but we’ve been told these have been the most sold over time.
  12. Because of that, we have adopted these three models for our retrofit kit. Vendors who own one of these great portable restroom shells will not need to purchase another model. The existing model will fit on our retrofit tank, solar panel roof top, and fan adapter. The idea is to use your existing models and reduce the cost of another purchase of walls, doors, and roof tops, while still owning a restroom with a solar panel feature. Use older models for construction. Save your profits.
  13. These units are not air conditioned. They’re designed as an in between of the high-end air conditioned units and chemical portable restrooms. The industry standard of the chemical portable restroom is over 45 years old.
  14. The cost to purchase a chemical portable restroom is about $450-$1,200. Cost to purchase a single air conditioned unit is about $3,900 to $5,000. Nice units.
  15. Construction of our retrofit kit. We have designed the water, waste tanks and skid to be about 200 pounds of polyethylene material, 70 pounds for the water and waste tanks, and 60 pounds for the skid that holds the two tanks together. After adding the shell and bowl and fan adapter and solar panel system the unit will be heavy. A chemical restroom weighs about 100 to 175 pounds.
  16. We created on the tank’s side a set of forklift ports for easier placement and removal/loading onto the truck with a forklift. You can load it full of 43 gallons of water for delivery to an event. The size of the VIP Best 1 unit is about 48″ x 72″ long. Four can fit atop the typical truck bed.
  17. We made an adapter to recess into the roof and hold the exhaust fan to remove odors. The side vents must be sealed to work properly.
  18. We offer an 80 watt solar panel; it produces almost 3.5+ amps per day. Frequency of use to restoration will determine the size of battery wattage needed. The solar panel bracket is also mounted on the back wall of the unit. It is reinforced by two aluminum 1/8″ straps inside and outside. The existing walls are about 1/8” thick and not enough to support the panel and adjuster alone.
  19. We have developed a patent pending towable dolly system attachable to the base of the unit; it is available as an option. Used only for hard top surfaces.
  20. We were issued a utility patent pending by the U.S. Patent Office for copyright protection.


How much can you earn renting out a VIP BEST 1?

We think you can increase your profits using a quality product. We charge more than others and still receive orders because of that quality. This is a step up from the smelly toilets.

Available air-conditioned units cost up to $5,000 whereas chemical portable toilets run as low as $450. The reason is the cost to produce and the quality. As the saying goes, “Cheap is never good and good is never cheap.”

We charge $85/$95 per week with twice a week service. That’s $4,420/$4,940 over the year. Charging weekly allows us to offer a small discount for larger orders.

We do charge a onetime service fee to prep, deliver, and clean the unit upon pickup. The farther we travel from our base yard, the more we charge per unit in order to pay for the operational cost.

What are you making now for your hard work? Compare your current results with the fees on our rentals. Start off slow with us and make a determination to change if it works.

“Who wants a smelly toilet, raise your little pinky?”™


Making your own wash down system

Reducing Bushings

These reducing bushings are 3/4″ female  GHT x 1/2″ reducing insert bushings to attach to both ends of the 1/2″ hose, both ends are male insert by female garden hose threaded fitting.

Photos shows the 3/4″ GHT side and 1/2″ female reducing bushing. Please use this photo as a guide.